About us

Welcome to Richiescorner

Have you ever noticed how hard it is trying to find genuinely distinctive gifts, accessories and fashion paraphernalia? You’re looking for something unique, either for yourself or a certain special someone. The problem? By the time the next must have trends have hit the high street, they’re already heading towards obsolescence. Worse, real world retailers love trying to manipulate people's purchasing power by selling everyone the same (supposedly) niche items. 

Ready for a different kind of retail experience? At Richiescorner, we have a dedicated team of fashion, gift and trend spotting aficionados, people who work around the clock in order to bring you the next best must have items at incredible beat down prices.


Our eye is always on the ball of the next most must have popular consumer items. More importantly though, we only ever stock gifts and eye catching wearable items of the highest quality.



The best part? We hate complex shopping carts and fussy retail attendants just as much as you do. Our online store is therefore built from the ground up around being as intuitive and easy to use as possible. Don’t agree with us on that? Fine. Drop us a message in our contacts section and tell us what you think we could be doing better. Providing you with the best possible shopping experience is our No.1 priority after all.