The Emperor Crystal Whiskey Glass

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Stunning, Ultra Clarity, 100% Lead-Free Glassware
The carefully crafted Malviner whiskey glass set is elegant and smooth to drink from. The high-grade glass ensures that the whiskey maintains its temperature, enhancing the pleasure of every sip.

An Impressive Addition to the Well-Stocked Bar
Malviner is a fine addition to your own home bar for both entertaining and everyday use. Savor your favorite fine whiskey and spirits, and then enjoy worry-free clean up without fear of damage.


Sold as a Set of One Glass

- Material: 100% Ultra Clarity Lead-Free Crystal Glass

- Dimensions: 9.5cm tall, 9.0cm diameter, 7.5cm diameter at rim

- Total capacity approx. 11.8 fl. oz. Recommended pour 1.50-2.25 fl. oz.

- Weight: 534 grams (that's heavy)

- Concave lip: formed to fit the lower lip of the mouth elegantly

- Faceted base: allows one to hold the glass without getting fingerprints on the bowl